Natural resurces discovered in the Bányapatak rivulet (Mine-brook)

Written by Bedő Károly, Domahidi János

The valley is situated in the Oriental-Carpathians at 1175-1200 m altitude in the SE part of the Harghita mountains, 15 kms far from Miercurea-Ciuc, and 4 kms from Sîntimbru community, within evergreen pinevood area. Among the natural resources we mention its mineral-waters with six sources. The results of the chemical analysis made by our laboratories are shown in the table annexed to the paper. The higher narrow section of this valley extends and forms “Dübőrgő”=Rumble panorama, which received its name due to its permanently audible gas emanations: CO2, H2S, SO2. There is also a „Solfatara” (=sulphur emanation) a natural treasure as well.

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