Intraoral reparation possibilities of the covering fractures of metal-ceramic bridges

Written by Pongrácz Antal, Andre Andrei, Pongrácz István-Mátyás

7-10% of fractures of the ceramic cover of metal-ceramic crowns and bridges were reported in the literature. The cause of the failures is represented by technological or/and medical manipulations, or by incorrect use by the patient. The responsibility rarely can be clarified, and it is based generally on suppositions. In case of extended bridges, all of the participants in treatment are interested in intraoral repair of the fracture.The classical procedure of the reparation is to complete the missing cover area with composites. Rarely can this kind of reparation resist for more than weeks, when functional cusps or guiding surfaces are involved. Our two years of experience has shown, that fibre enforced Estenia veneers, extended in the direction of the wear forces, can represent a long-term reparation.

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