Intraoperative exploration in the surgical treatment of the chronic pancreatitis

Written by György-Fazakas István, Bara Tivadar, Jung János, Pávai Zoltán

The peroperative exploration represents one of the basic movements in the surgical treatment of the chronic pancreatitis, with esential contribution in establishing the following surgical procedure. Even in the preoperatively correctly explored cases an objective and realistic exploration of the peritoneal cavity is necessary, especially the exploration of the duodeno-pancreatic region. We analized the operative descriptions written between 2000-2004 (2nd Surgery Clinic, County Emergency Hospital Mureş) presenting the cases of patients who underwent surgery with peoperative diagnosis of the chronic pancreatitis. In 42 cases from the followed 54 the chronic pancreatitis was found, the preoperative exploration was decisive in all these cases.

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