Our experience with 100 radical retropubic prostatectomies (RRP)

Written by Romics Imre, Pánovics József, Majoros Attila, Riesz Péter

Aim: To determine the effectivity of RRP and to estimate its early and late complications. Methods: Between 1998 and 2005 the hundred RRPs were carried out in our department. In the first five years (group1) 26, in the next 2,5 years (group2) 74 patients were operated. Results: The mean patient’s age was 61,6 years. The mean follow up: 25 months. There was a significant difference regarding the duration of the operation, the intraoperative blood loss and the necessity of transfusion between the two groups. The pathological stages were the following: pT2: 68%, pT3: 27%, pT4: 2%, lymphnodes metastasis: 3%, positive margin: 33%, the postoperative continence rate was 84%. Twenty–five patients had a medium or good postoperative potency. Disease progression were observed in 12 cases. Conclusion: Our results are similar to large series presented in the international literature.

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