The treatment of gastric lymphomas in the casuistics of the 2nd Surgical Clinic

Written by Bara Tivadar, György-Fazakas István, ifj. Bara Tivadar, Tikosi István, Török Barna, Princz Ramóna Erika

From the malignant tumors of the stomach, between 1-7% are gastric lymphomas. In the last years there were made significant changes concerning gastric lymphomas, the surgical indication being decreased in the favor of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Between 2001-2005 at the Surgical Clinic II, there were 202 operated patients with gastric tumor diagnosis, from which 148 (73,26%) cases were ready for a surgical intervention. From the group of patients with operable gastric tumor, in 4 (2,70%) cases the postoperative histopathologycal examination confirmed the diagnosis of gastric tumor. In the 4 cases of gastric lymphoma, before the surgical intervention, the endoscopic examination describes the gastric tumor, but the complications (bleeding, stenosis) determined us to perform surgical intervention. For 2 patients we have done ⅔ gastric resection, with D2 lymphadenoctomy, and for 2 other cases total gastrectomy. Conclusions: In the ttreatment of gastric lymphomas chemotherapy and radiotherapy have the most important role, but if there are complications, then surgical treatment is indicated; the histopathological diagnosis was confirmed after the surgical intervention in our casuistic.

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