The psychiatrist Rudolf Fabinyi: The early years of his career Transylvania

Written by Iványi János

The Lutheran family Fabinyi was originated from the Szepesség (Northern-Hungary). One of the outstanding members of the family was the psychiatrist Rudolf Fabinyi jr. (1979-1936). He was born and educated in Kolozsvár, where he graduated in 1902. He became staffmember in the Psychiatric Clinic led by professor Lechner. At the age of 27 he was appointed chief of a department for mentally ill patients in the County Hospital of Dicsőszentmárton. Within five years he organized the excellent family care system and occupational therapy of mentally ill patients. As acknowledgement of his services he was appointed chief physician in the Lipótmező (Leopold Field) Institute for Nervous and Mental Diseases, Budapest in 1911.

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