Quantifying p53 and Ki67 postive cells using manual and digital morphometry analysis. Comparative study

Written by Mezei Tibor, Gurzu Simona, Horváth Emőke, Pávai Zoltán, Jung János

In the prognosis of colorectal cancer the number of p53 and Ki67 positive cells play and important role. In our study we measured the number of immunhistochemically marked p53 and Ki67 positive cells using classical (analogue) and computer assisted (digital) morphometry methods. According to the obtained results there was no statistically significant difference between the two methods. We noticed important differences in the case of poorly prepared pictures. As a conclusion we may say that the computer assisted method yields good results and that the values obtained with it does not differ significantly from the classic method. On the other hand important amount of time can be saved using the digital method.

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