Oral leucoplakia with high degree of displasia – case report

Written by Bögözi Bálint Botond, Petrovan Cecilia, Kovács Dezső

Introduction: Oral leucoplakia – a lesion with potential malignant transformation (WHO) – is very important in many ways, also by therapeutic difficulties. Material and method: This paper presents the case of a 29 years old female patient with an oral leucoplakia extended in the whole mouth and showing various degrees of dysplasia, which needed a complex management: removal of possible irritative factors, medical treatment (tretinoin and corticotherapy) and several surgical approaches. A zone of malignant transformation was found in the right buccal mucosa. Conclusions: The case was considered special because of the young age of the patient, the high degree of displasia and the malignant transformation in the buccal mucosa, emphasizing the importance of these lesions.

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