Our experience in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence: IVS or TOT?

Written by Szabó József, Csongvay Zsolt, Nagy Botond

Introduction: Stress-incontinence is the most often diagnozed urinary incontinence subtype, afecting especially female patients, caused by the insufficient function of the urethral sfincter. Objectives: We have compared the efficacy of the IVS (IntraVaginal Sling) and TOT (TransObturator Tape) method in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. Material and methods: We treated 17 patients with IVS method and 5 patients with TOT method diagnosed with stress urinary incontinence. Results: After a couple of month of follow up in all the cases were resolved the stress urinary incontinence. Conclusions: Both methods are effective and minimal invasive treatment option for stress urinary incontinence. It seems that the TOT method is more safe, the possibility of intraoperative complications is smaller.

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