Study of associated diseases and complications in diabetes mellitus

Written by Nemes-Nagy Enikő, Ferenczi Attila oh, Kósa Beáta oh, Szőcs-Molnár Terézia, Dunca Iulia, Balogh-Sămărghiţan Victor, Pap Zoltán, Máthé János, Hobai Ştefan

Using laboratory analysis, a questionnaire and the records of the patients, we evaluated the associated pathology and the presence of the complications in a group of type 1 diabetic children. We revealed the high frequency of infections, especially on the respiratory tract (in 75% of the patients). Some viral infections (that could initiate autoimmune reactions) appeared in some cases just before the diabetes was diagnosed. Many children presented inaugural ketoacidosis (30%). We found neuropsychiatric diseases (11%), allergies (8%), anaemia (8%), thyroid gland diseases (5%), etc.

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