Modern treatment of distal radius fractures

Written by Széplaki A. Attila, Széplaki Attila, Hopulele Silviu

Distal radius fractures are not ideally treated in most European countries. The aim of the present paper is to show that the most common fracture in humans is not properly treated in Romania. Although in 80% of the cases there would be need for an invasive method, and only in 20% is the conservative therapy useful (to get the proper stability), the reality in Romania is quite the opposite. We are searching for the answer to the question: “why?”, and we present a modern treating algorithm. We want to make known the idea of “adaptiv carpus”, and present a reduction method rarely used in Romania. In other domains of orthopaedics and traumatology there are huge developments, but at the same time in this really important field there is still a “black hole”.


Keywords: distal-radius, conservative, surgical

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