Immunohistchemical study of apoptosis in chronic hepatitis

Written by Egyed-Zsigmond Imre, Egyed-Zsigmond Ilona

The liver biopsy has long been the gold standard for the evaluation of the state of liver disease in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Nowadays, the importance of this examination was increased by the recognition of the fibrosis as a bidirectional and dynamic process. This raised the possibility of its reversibility and the antifibrotic treatment also requires attentive follow-up of the effects by liver biopsies. The relatively increased number of the biopsies gave the idea of a comparative immunohistochemical examination basedon the following: evidence of apoptosis by BAX and BCL2 proteins; a study of the lymphocyte and histiocyte population by LCA, CD3, CD20, CD68; observation of the billiary vascular lesions by CTK7; following the transition of the ITO-cells in myofibroblasts by Desmine and GFAP. We performed our observations in alcoholic, C-, and B-hepatitis in identical number of cases. We present from this comparison our observation regarding only the apoptosis.


Keywords: apoptosis, chronic hepatitis, immunohistochemical

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