Diagnosis of hemoglobin variants with high pressure liquid chromatography

Written by Nemes-Nagy Enikő, Al-Aissa Zahra o.h., Jákó Zsuzsanna o.h., Kósa Beáta o.h., Dobreanu Minodora, Reid Deborah, Higgins Trefor

The aim is to present hemoglobin variants revealed while measuring HbA1c on two HPLC analyzers (Bio-Rad): Variant I (Târgu Mureş – 1940 samples processed) and Variant II (Edmonton, Canada – 150 samples processed). Working on Variants several pathological hemoglobins can be identified (HbS, HbE, HbC, HbD, etc.), but electrophoretic or other type of confirmation is recommended. Due to population diversity and centralization a larger number of hemoglobin variants were amongst Canadian samples compared to local patients. Hemoglobin variants can cause serious problems in diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.


Keywords: diabetes mellitus, glycated hemoglobin, hemoglobin variants

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