Knodell and Kendall in hepatology

Written by Egyed-Zsigmond Ilona, Egyed-Zsigmond Imre, Mezei Tibor, Koncsag Előd

It is now recognized that liver fibrosis and cirrhosis are dynamic processes, that can both progress and regress over time. Armed with the knowledge that fibrosis regression can indeed be achieved with treatment, monitoring the fine variation of the dynamics of this lesion is now essential, and could be assessed with quantitative digital image analysis, a method that has been evaluated in previous studies. Staging liver fibrosis with biopsy is considered necessary in the management of the patients, and in the evaluation of the efficacity of the treatment. Our retrospective study consisted of a review of percutaneous liver biopsy to determine the discriminative reliability of the subjective semiquantitative assessment of fibrosis against objective digital image measurement by image analysis.


Keywords: Knodell scor, Kendall’s τ-β statistic, liver fibrosis

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