Minimal invasive aproaches in total hip arthroplasty

Written by Széplaki Attila, Răcăşan Florin, Széplaki A. Attila

The aim of minimal- invasive surgery is to reduce soft tissue trauma and thereby operative blood loss, postoperative pain , and hospitalisation time while speeding postoperative recovery and improving the cosmetic appearance of the surgical scar. To properly prevent soft tissue trauma, minimal invasive incision must apply to skin, muscles, joint capsules and to the nerves and vessels contained therein. An optimal approach should therefore deliver a short skin incision, omit muscle and/ or detachment and preserve the joint capsule. These approaches include single- incision and two- incision techniques, which limit muscle and tendon trauma. In this paper we present the data on direct posterior approach for total hip arthroplasty: surgical technique indications and contraindications, complications. We present 65 cases operated with posterior and anterior minimal invasive technique since 2004.


Keywords: endoprosthesis, hip, minimal- invasive

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