The role of digital photoplethysmography in early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases

Written by Orban Victor, Incze Sándor, Buzogány Jázmin, Szabados Csongor

The Digital Volume Pulse (DVP) is an accurate and non-invasive method to obtain information on the pressure pulse waveform, and provides two indexes: stiffness index (SIDVP) and the reflection index (RIDVP). Our study included 20 hypertensive patients evaluated by echocardiography with mild LV diastolic dysfunction. We also had a control group of 10 healthy subjects. The DVP contour was determined by digital photoplethysmography. Mean value of the SIDVP was significantly higher in hypertensive patients with mild LV diastolic dysfunction than in healthy subjects (10,59+-1,22 m/s vs. 5,48+-0,69 m/s, p< 0,00001). RIDVP had also statistically higher values in these patients vs. the control group. We found a good correlation beetween SIDVP and RIDVP (r=0,66). The SIDVP and RIDVP can be used as markers of target organ damage for risk stratification in hypertensive patients. The method is simple, inexpensive, rapid and requires no special training.


Keywords: arterial stiffness, cardiovascular risk, digital photoplethysmography

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