The rule and determination of inflammatory markers in malignant haemopathies

Written by Mareş Ferencz Gizella

The aim of our study is to establish the rule of inflammatory process in malignant haemopathies from the beginning of the disease until its final stage. We have included in our study 50 patients, hospitalized in Medical Clinic I from Târgu Mureş between 2000 and 2008, diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma (n=30), and non Hodgkin lymphoma (n=20). We determined the inflammatory markers using ELISA and electrophoresis methods. We studied the modification of inflammatory markers during disease evolution, before and after the application of chemotherapy. We obtained high values of the acut phase proteins even from the beginning of the disease: α1 antitripsin (60,4%), haptoglobin (64,5%), ceruloplasmin (58,4%), α1 glicoprotein (62,1%) and C reactive protein ( 70,3%). After the application of the cytostatic treatment we observed the normalization of the acute phase protein values: non-Hodgkin lymphoma (76,4%) and Hodgkin lymphoma (98,7%). Acute phase proteins increase significantly in lymphomas. Cytostatic therapy influences the disease evolution in a positive manner by reducing the tumoral mass and normalizing the inflammatory markers.


Keywords: inflammatory markers, malignant haemopathies.

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