Particularity of peripheral obliterative arteriopathy in women

Written by Kelemen Piroska, Balogh Zsolt Elek, Dimény Imola oh., Kerekes Kinga oh.

The obliterative arteriopathy of the limbs as the other cardiovasculare diseases presents a higher frequency of morbidity and mortality in the female population in the last decades. The aim of this paper was to study the particularity of peripheral obliterative arteriopathy in women. 1470 patients with obliterative arteriopathy of the lower limbs were included in the study. We compared the data about aetiology, cardiovascular risk factors, the gravity of vascular lesions and the related cardiac lesions. The prevalence of the illness increases with age, it affects mostly women in post menopause period. The frequency of smoking was significantly smaller in women (p=0,04). The gravity of vascular lesions in women with diabetic arteriopathy was significantly more serious composed to the men examined (p=0,04). The associated cardiac lesions were frequent in women as well (87%). The cardiovasculare diseases are present in the female population as well, even in a more serious, more neglected, tardily diagnosed form.


Keywords: obliterative arteriopathy, female population

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