The inhibitory effect of sweet chestnut extracts on tumor cell cultures

Written by Czimbalmos-Kozma Ferenc, Papp Erika

Life is a part of the Universe, and “the mathematics of the Universe should be beautiful” (Garrrett Lisi). Life should have a beautiful mathematics too. Life processes lacking reason simply do not exist. But the malignant tissues have new, special, complex functions, useful for themselves only – from the wrong mechanisms developed functions and capacity of adaptation cannot arise. In cancer, apparently the organism poses an illogical program. But this is not probable. This study examines the modelling of the possible mutant-mitochondrial aetiology of the malignancy, based on the logically possible models of the cells as systems, in the concept of the Turing-machines, on the possible information pathways in the cell. It presents the algorithms of the possible actions of the mutant-mitochondria (arising from endosymbionts to intracellular parasites); the preliminary results from the authors’ original lab works with possible anti-mitochondrial agents, like the effect of sweet chestnut extracts (chosen thanks to the results of mathematical modelling) upon malignant cells.


Keywords: malignancy, modelling, mitochondria

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