Male and female clinical evaluation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with BTB and HAMSTRING techniques

Written by Solyom Árpád, Bataga Tiberiu, Voicu Bogdan, Gergely István, Nagy Örs

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries are more common in females. Few authors have studied the effects of gender on the outcome of ACL reconstruction. We compared the results after ACL reconstruction using both techniques in men and women. In a group of 34 patients 18 were operated with BTB and 16 with Hamstring technique. Patients were assessed by clinical, paraclinical and subjective evaluation. We followed the knee laxity and biomechanical strength tests results. We also appreciated the presence and intensity of the pain. With imaging techniques the anatomy and functionality of the neoligament were appreciated. Scores, such as IKDC Lysholm and Noyes were compared. Among patellar tendon patients there were no significant differences between the two sexes. Females in the Hamstring group had greater laxity and stronger pain, and a higher deficit in flexion and extension. We believe that it is necessary to follow the biointegration of the neoligament.


Keywords: anterior cruciate ligament, gender differences, patelar tendon, Hamstring

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