Formulation and microbiology analysis of multidoze eye drops obtained with inclusion complex of chloramphenicol

Written by Sipos Emese, Kovács Orsolya eh., Lőrinczi Lilla

The objective of the research was to obtain easier-to-prepare and microbiologically more stable multi-dose eye drops with chloramphenicol than the official one in the IXth edition of the Romanian Pharmacopoeia. Two metods were applied: lyophilizing and mixing in two molar reports (1:1 and 2:1 ß-cyclodextrin-chloramphenicol) inclusion complexes. The training was verified by infrared spectrophotometric analysis and solubility in water. Multi-dose eye solutions were obtained with these complexes. The preservation of these solutions was achieved with phenyl mercuric borate solution 0,2%. The microbiological study of two culture media showed a better stability of the solutions prepared with the inclusion complexes.


Keywords: chloramphenicol, eye drops, inclusion complexes

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