Historical review – ethics and quality in clinical drug research

Written by Bán Erika Gyöngyi, Máthé Lehel, Bartha Éva Katalin, Brezeanu Romeo, Brassai Attila

In the 18th century Voltaire already has made an appreciation regarding medicine and medical treatment. Since then this problem became more complicated. In the last decades we have learn to know more appropriately the different diseases, which made possible the use of a specific pharmacological treatment. As a response from the pharmaceutical industry, the number of active substances increased. Thereupon the physicians are forced to make difficult decisions, when treating patients, because there will always be someone who is the first one treated with a new drug. The questions regarding the ethical issues of the medical act are very old, but the regulations of clinical research are relatively recent. The purpose of this paper is to present a short history of the clinical research, by pointing out the development of ethical and regulatory codex.


Keywords: medicine, ethic, research

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