Surgical treatment of wirsung duct lithiasis in chronic pancreatitis

Written by Bara Tivadar, Bancu Serban, ifj. Bara Tivadar, Muresan Mircea, Bancu Ligia, Azamfirei Leonard, Podeanu Daniela

Background: The surgical treatment of chronic pancreatitis has suffered many important changes due to the new diagnosis procedures appeared in medical practice in the last few years. The pancreatic resections are replaced now by organ saving operations and drenage. Metods: Between 2005 and 2008, from 22 patiens with chronic pancreatitis the wirsung duct lithiasis was confirmed in 4 cases. One patient presented dilatation of the Wirsung duct and pancreatic cyst. Results: During the surgery we practiced a longitudinal wirsungotomy with stone removal. For the pancreatic drenage we performed three types of operations: wirsungo-gastrostomy, cysto-wirsungo-gastrostomy and longitudinal wirsungo-jejunostomy. The postoperative evolution was favourable. 8 days of hospitalization were necessary. In the patiens’ follow-up we observed weight gain and the remission of the simptoms. Conclusions: In wirsung duct lithiasis surgical drainage is indicated. The drainage of the Wirsung duct can be performed by wirsungo-jejunostomy and wirsungo-gastrostomy.


Keywords: wirsung duct lithiasis, wirsungo-jejunostomy, wirsungo-gastrostomy

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