Bibliography of works dealing with the history and activity of the Medical and Pharmaceutical University of Târgu Mureş (Marosvásárhely)

Written by Péter Mihály

There are less and less colleagues left who were involved in the events of the first decades of the University’s existence. However, it is pleasing to observe, that there is an increasing interest in this subject among the young generations. With the aim of providing help to such inquirer, the author compiled the list of works that deal with the above mentioned topic. The bibliography split into eight groups contains the bibliographical data of the relevant works: I. Document type works, independent publications; II. Document type book chapters; III. Archival data; IV. Article Series; V. Publications reflecting the scientific work; VI. Memorandums; VII. Chronicles of the Year; VIII. Other sources. The bibliography outlines the data of more than 50 works.


Keywords: Medical and Pharmaceutical University of Târgu Mureş, history, bibliography

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