Co-expression of p53/CD38/Zap70 is a reliable prognostic factor in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia/mature small B-cell lymphoma

Written by Horváth Emőke, Cândea Marcela, Turcu Mihai, Drăguţ Denisa o.h., Pávai Zoltán, Chira Liliana, Mezei Tibor

Introduction: Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) is a malignant haematological disease. It starts from the bone marrow and transforms in leukaemia involving the lymph nodes, too. Due to genotypic heterogeneity only 65% of cases present a slowly progressive evolution, in the rest the disease is associated with an aggressive clinical course with decreased survival rate. Materials and methods: the aim of our study stands in selection of these patients and evaluation of survival period in the mirror of the clinical stage, architectural organization of the bone marrow infiltrate and the co-expression of some prognostic and predictive factors (p53/CD38/ZAP-70) decisively influencing the disease course. Results: p53/CD38/ZAP-70 co-expression correlates with disease stage, the pattern of osteomedullar infiltrate and the survival period. Conclusions: immunohistochemical determination of the antigens mentioned above from the tumour infiltration of the bone marrow characterizes the molecular mosaic of the disease (IgH gene mutations) in this disease entity and contributes to the choice of therapeutical strategy.


Keywords: p53/CD38/ZAP-70 co-expression, CLL, prognosis

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