Revisiting patients’ rights to information in an enlarged Europe: a review of the Romanian and Hungarian regulatory framework in the light of European Union rules

Written by Földes Mária Éva

Regulating patients’ right to information is a national competence. The scope, content and implementation of this right differ across EU Member States, according to the specific social, legal and cultural context. Nevertheless, EU law has an increasing influence on healthcare regulation at national level. This paper analyzes the Hungarian and Romanian regulatory framework of patients’ right to information, in the light of recent EU law developments, notably, the proposed Directive on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare. Starting from the scope and content of patients’ right to information in international law, the analysis compares the two regulatory frameworks under review, and discusses the impact of EU law on national level regulation.


Keywords: patients’ rights regulation, patients’ right to information, EU law, cross-border healthcare

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