Prognostic significance of E-cadherine and smooth muscle-associated antigen in cutaneous malignant melanomas

Written by Varo Enikő, Egyed-Zsigmond Imre

The molecular study of malignant cutaneous tumours brings important information to help their prognostic evaluation. Proteins that mediate the epithelial-mesenchymal transition, the process by which a cancer cell disengages from its parent tumour, are important candidates like E-cadherine. The presence of smooth muscle-associated antigen (SMA) probably corresponds to cellular microfilaments. SMA is an important marker of the mesenchimal cells derived from the epithelial cells. The study was effectuated by immunohistochemical coloration and by computer assisted morphometric methods, for quantitative evaluation of E-caderine and SMA in 25 cases of malignant melanomas. The relationship between melanomas and decreased level of the E-cadherins or increased level of the SMA is a very important constant for prognostic importance.


Keywords: E-cadherine, smooth muscle-associated antigen (SMA), malignant melanomas (MM)

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