Clinical efficiency assessment of interdental brushes in patients with orthodontic brackets

Written by Petcu Blanka, Mártha Krisztina

Aim: This study evaluates the effectiveness of interdental brushes in removing plaque, used in addition to the usual tooth brushing in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances. Methods: The assessment was conducted on 108 patients with orthodontics brackets, aged between 12 and 27 years. Bonded-Bracket Index (BBI) was measured during the first appointment. All patients received four identical interdental brushes and they were advised to use them in adjunction to conventional tooth brushing for a period of 4 weeks every evening. After 4 weeks BBI was recorded again. Data were analyzed and compared using statistical software and Student’s t-test. Results: The mean BBI plaque index at the first and the second evaluation was 2.929±0.746 and 1.516±0.406, respectively. Interdental brushes offered a greater benefit in children, compared to adult patients. Gender and duration of the orthodontic treatment did not have any influence on the effectiveness of interdental brushes. Conclusions: Interdental brushes, used daily, are effective short-term tools in improving oral hygiene in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances.


Keywords: dental plaque, interdental brush, orthodontic bracket.

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