Professional revision of medico-legal expertises in Hungary

Written by Horváth János

In Hungary the competent Court has to adjust the contradictory opinions of medico-legal experts during the court proceedings in order to eliminate the contradictions. Previously a team of professionals, a professional board, the so-called Medical Scientific Council’s Forensic Committee had been organised for settling inconsonance between different experts’ opinions in forensic medicine. The author summarizes the history of this revision board. This paper analyses the relationship between the revised experts’ opinions in sues for damages and the legally binding judgements. As the results the Court has accepted positively about the two thirds of the revised experts’ opinions and incorporated the Committee’s answers for the forensics questions into the judgements. The author recommends to elaborate a new methodical newsletter that defines the most important experts’ opinions terms and background knowledge.


Keywords: Forensic Committee, revised experts’ opinion, judgment, experts’ opinions terms

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