Medicinal herbs contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation

Written by Varga Erzsébet, Fekete Ágota

Today, there are no doubts about the efficacy of available herbs. Many herbs are used even by women who are pregnant or nursing. In this paper we present a list of herbs contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. The list, unfortunately, is quite long; the situation is similar to medicines. There are plants that increase blood flow to the lower abdomen and can cause spontaneous abortion or premature birth, which can cause damage to the fetus. There are also other plants, which are not recommended during pregnancy. Plants with strong or controversial effects, which can promote menstruation or have purgative effects, should be avoided during pregnancy. There are active ingredients from medicinal plants which are excreted in breast milk or in the baby’s body. During pregnancy, all useful or harmful factors should be monitored.


Keywords: pregnancy, nursing, medicinal plants

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