Laryngeal carcinosarcoma - case report

Written by Szentannai Dénes, Fehér István, Mátyás Ferenc, Mátyás Ágnes

Laryngeal carcinosarcoma (spindle cell carcinoma, sarcomatoid carcinoma, pseudosarcoma) is a rare, malignant tumor with epithelial origin. In the larynx usually it presents in the glottis, with polipoid appearence. Histologically is composed of a superficial squamous cell carcinoma and the spindle cell component which forms the bulk of the tumor. We present the case of a 61 year old man, with an epiglottic polypoid tumor. The pathological diagnosis was carcinosarcoma. The tumor was resected entirely. Lymph node or distant metastasis was not present. The patient was staged T1N0M0 (stage I). Other surgery or radiation therapy was not performed. After 9 months the patient is tumor-free. In the literature we found many case presentations, some small number publication and only few descriptive study of laryngeal carcinosarcoma. It is to note that the excisional biopsy of the polypoid mass can be a therapeutic act, which can be followed by definitive surgery and or radiation therapy. The literature recommends following the squamous cell cancer treatment guidelines. Conclusion: the diagnosis of laryngeal carcinosarcoma is a challenge for the pathologist. We presented a case with an unusual form of laryngeal cancer, wich was treated with surgery and has a good evolution.


Keywords: carcinosarcoma, larynx

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