The eponym of the Sjögren’s syndrome, the life of Henrik Sjögren Swedish ophthalmologist

Written by Weninger Csaba

Diseases, signs or syndromes indicated with names are routinely used in the medical practice. The person standing behind the names frequently remains unknown. This article reviews the eponym of one of the most well known autoimmune disease, namely Sjögren’s syndrome, the life of Henrik Sjögren (1899–1986). Henrik Sjögren graduated in the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The triad of dry eyes, xerostomia and arthralgy attracted his attention as a young ophthalmologist. He reported his observations in Swedish. He wrote his dissertation in this field, but the opponents did not honor his work, so he could not continue his work at the university, and could not reach higher academic appointments like associate professor, or professor. He gained international reputation after publishing his doctorial thesis in English. He became an associate professor and later professor in University of Gothenburg. He died at the age of 87.


Keywords: Henrik Sjögren, Sjögren’s syndrome

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