The results of 10 year-collaboration between the Transylvanian Museum Society of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Section and the Hungarian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Written by Gyéresi Árpád

The Transylvanian Museum Society resumed its activities in 1990 after 40-year enforced break. In this context, the Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Section comprising as members, Transylvanian Hungarian doctors and pharmacists signed a co-operation agreement with the Hungarian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2006 to institutionalise previously established relationships with Hungarian pharmaceutical organisations and institutions. Based on a spirit of reciprocity the agreement facilitated in the past 10 years a significant improvement of professional relationships between the Transylvanian Hungarian pharmacists and pharmacists from Hungary, their participation at scientific events, the increase in number of visiting lecturers and published articles in both parties’ journals, exchange of experience, postgraduate and training courses. The effectiveness of the professional relationship demonstrates the viability of the existing agreement between the two organisations, whose role - we hope - will continue to develop and extend. This is important for us because we aim to continue practising pharmaceutical sciences and educating our pharmacists in our mother tongue as well.


Keywords: Transylvanian, Hungarian, pharmaceutical, sciences, societies.

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