The Decennial Activity of the Paul Ehrlich Medical Association

Written by Gaal György

In the second and third decade of the 20th century a great number of Jewish physicians lived in Kolozsvár/Cluj who studied at the Hungarian Royal University Franz Joseph and mostly spoke Hungarian. Their scientific forum was the Medical Department of the Transylvanian Museum Society. According to the new Romanian Laws the Jews were considered a nationality and besides this a Jewish Hospital was established in 1928. So when the 1930 Romanian Medical Law introduced the System of Medical Cambers the Jews considered necessary to have an organization which could send representatives into this Chamber. Therefore in autumn 1930 the Paul Ehrlich Medical Association was organized by 71 Jewish doctors. Their leader was Ede Goldberger, a well known dermatologist. Every second Thursday evening they organized their scientific meetings where they attended scientific lectures, presented medical cases, discussed on medical problems. Sometimes they invited lecturers of international fame. They yearly commemorated the anniversaries of P. Ehrlich, and participated at the funerals of the members. Their activity was mostly reflected by the Revista Medicală – Orvosi Szemle (Medical Review) edited by Izidor Herskovits, the famous radiologist. Following the Vienna Treaty from 1940 under Hungarian Rule they could not continue their activity. The most important biographical data of the leading members is given at the end of this study.


Keywords: Medical Association, Jews, science, physicians, holocaust

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