Women’s fight in the 19th century, for the opportunity of obtaining a pharmaceutical certificate

Written by Péter H. Mária

Only after hardship has it become possible for women to graduate from universities although they have been part in medical healing. They were aloud to apply for a faculty and to have pharmaceutical studies for the first time on Hungary’s teritory in 1895. Afterwards they were able to work in pharmacies as pharmacysts. The first opportunity to apply for studies was in Kolozsvár at Ferenc József University. Thinagel Szerafin was the first woman who obtained certificate in pharmaceutical sciences in 1903 – after which she worked in Déva, Sárközújlak, then Isaszeg. She was followed by Hints Vilma who also obtained a certificate here in 1905. She worked all her life in Nyárádszereda in their own pharmacy. During the last period of more than 100 years, the number of certified pharmaciest has gradually increased and nowadays the majority of students at pharmaceutical faculties is women, therefore the pharmaceutical field has become womenized. There is evidence that women perform well in pharmacies, medical industry and in the other fields of pharmaceutics.


Keywords: first certified pharmacyst women, Thinagel Szerafin, Hints Vilma

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