Assessment of the prevalence of enterotoxin genes and plasmids among Bacteroides strains isolated at Targu-Mures

Written by Sóki József, Székely Edit, Molnár Szabolcs, Szász Izabella, Bilca Doina,Nagy Erzsébet, Urbán Edit

In this study we report the genetic analysis (plasmids and bftgenes) of clinical Bacteroides strains isolated during 2010-2013 at Targu-Mures. The prevalence of small molecular weight, usuallycryptic, plasmids (2.7, 4.1 and 5.6 kb) showed similar figure to thatin Hungary and the 5.6 kb plasmid type displayed an associationto B. fragilis strains. The prevalence of the enterotoxin-coding bft gene corresponded to that of in other Europid populations.

Keywords: Bacteroides, bft, cryptic plasmids

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