Famous Hungarian chemists and pharmacists – modern chemistry founders Part I. Pharmacists: I.1 Ilosvay Lajos

Written by Gyéresi Árpád

In the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century, a few Hungarian eminent specialists with basic training in pharmacy - originally from Transylvania – are considered among the founders of modern chemical sciences. Among these prominent scientific personalities is Ilosvay Lajos (born in Dej, 1851-1936), who - after working in the laboratories of the greatest chemists of the time - through its work is among founder of inorganic respectively analytical chemistry, being considered also the initiator of organic chemistry training in Hungary. His scientific work includes, among others, the publication of the first book of organic chemistry in Hungarian (1905) and the establishment of the specific reaction conditions used in the analysis nitrite ion.

Keywords: transylvanian pharmacists, modern chemistry sciences

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