Famous Hungarian chemists and pharmacists – modern chemistry founders: Part II. Chemists II.1.: professor Lengyel Béla

Written by Kata Mihály, Gyéresi Árpád

Béla Lengyel was born in 1844 in village Körösladány and he was one of the most important chemists in foundation of up-to-date chemistry in Hungary. He started a chemist dynasty having several generations. He and Károly Than (Óbecse, 1843 − Budapest, 1908) were near relatives and he was co-worker by Than. He educated and examined students of pharmacy. He published a book titled „Elements of quantitative chemical analysis” in 1895. In research, he was dealing with radioactivity and analysis of mineral waters. − Who was Béla Lengyel?

Keywords: Béla Lengyel, a famous Hungarian chemist.

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