The place of exceptional healings and the role of medical experts in the canonization process (2)

Written by Bakó Csongor István

The exceptional healings attributed to the intercession of saints – that is the faithful officially canonized by the Church and commemorated in liturgy on their feast days –, and the work of the medical experts offering scientific support during the process of canonization constitute a special chapter not only in the history of the Church, but also in the history of medicine. The second and also last part of the two-part study first presents the place of miraculous healings and the role of medical experts according to the history of the canonization from the 18th century to nowadays, then presents the related regulations of the operative canon law in view of the relevant fundamental documents.

Keywords: Pope Benedict XIV, medically inexplicable cures, Medical Council of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, regulation of operative canon law, related papal and other Holy See documents

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