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The review process is a key element, which ensures the scientific quality of the published articles. The reviewers are asked to analyze the pertinence of the methods and the clear relationship between the results and conclusions. The figures and tables should not repeat the data presented in the text and should have their own title and caption. The type of the charts should be adequate for the presented data. The bibliography should contain the most important articles of the field, but should not present useless details. The medical terms should be used according to the rules of spelling of the language of the article and should be used consistently, in the same form throughout the article.


The reviewers are asked to indicate if the manuscript contains elements that are beyond their area of expertise. In this case a second reviewer will be assigned.


The reviewers should formulate their observations in a way to give clear indications for the authors regarding the necessary modifications.


If the reviewer asks the manuscript to be rewritten, this will be reanalyzed by the same reviewer. If the manuscript has to be rewritten or is rejected, the reviewer should give a clear and detailed justification of his/her decision.


The form for the reviewers (in Hungarian) can be downloaded and sent to the editorial board by e-mail. This helps and accelerates the work of the editorial board, but later a signed paper-copy should be sent to the editorial office.

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